We Dem Boyz

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who made it out for the DSSC Cowboys Tailgate! It was a complete and total blast hanging out with everyone. It was most certainly #BadNewsForBoring… a few Corona Lights, a handful of American Honey shots and rounds of cornhole later… I think everyone had a day to remember (or maybe they won’t)…

A special shout out to all my amazing friends who made the drive to Jerry World to hang out at the event! It sure makes work more fun with your people by your side 🙂 And an even bigger shout out to Texas Revolution for saving the day with some extra tickets! THANK YOU!


The day didn’t end at the tailgate. It got better. So much better. After chaotic wild goose hunts to find a way to print tickets (someone explain to me why Jerry isn’t in the 21st Century… how can you not scan the PDF of my ticket on my mobile device?!), we finally made it into the stadium! For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m a big Chiefs fan, huge football gal… and I’ve never been to an NFL game! But, have no fear, this has finally been crossed off my bucket list!


We ended up around the 40 yard line on the 200 level suite deck. I mean, COME ONE, does it get much better (yes it does, but that’s irrelevant for now). I met some lovely Cowboys fans… and some hilarious Saints fans. Needless to say I got pretty into the game. I was a hootin’ and a hollerin’ as if I was a Cowboys girl (which I’m not).


I’ll be back, Jerry World. Mark my words. Still a Chiefs fan, but I think I found a new Sunday hobby… Now if only I had a few more dresses from White Lily to help set me apart from the crowd (Staci- so many compliments on the dress- yay!).

White Lily dress


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