#SMUHateWeek bites

An 11am kickoff means 2 things….

1) BREAKFAST! 2) Early to bed on Friday! Let’s focus on the positive of the two (breakfast, for those of you who couldn’t figure that one out…).

Horned Frog Breakfast aka Eat-Calories-to-Assist-with-Alcohol-Consumption-and-Not-Blacking-Out Breakfast

Pony Down Fruit Salad // Soak watermelon, grapes, strawberries & pineapple in alcohol of choice. Let soak overnight. Place in a bowl. Serve.

Alcohol Fruit

Fort Worth French Toast Casserole // As see on Life Love Sugar

French Toast

DFW is Lucky (Charms) to Have TCU Treats // as seen on Sally’s Baking Addiction

Lucky Charms

Bacon Straight From TCU’s Iron Skillet // Defeat SMU. Receive Iron Skillet. Cook great bacon. Enjoy it.

Iron Skillet

Enjoy! Go Frogs!


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