#SMUHateWeek fashion

In case you aren’t aware, it’s #SMUHateWeek aka the week before the TCU vs SMU football game. Although some people argue that this rivalry is becoming irrelevant, I stand by it. It’s a fun rivalry, whether it does anything for our season or not. But, this is besides the point right now. Let’s focus on some TCU Game Day Fashion, shall we?

This white tank/black short combo is a little casual for some Horned Frogs, but it’s perfectly cute in my opinion. You won’t feel overdressed for the game, but you’ll still feel classy and put together. Both pieces are from the University Park Apricot Lane, but here are a few similar pieces: WHITE TOP // BLACK SHORTS.

BACK tank


Cowboy boots are a must. Some schools you wear Nikes, others you might throw on some heels, but at TCU games we break out the boots.

Game Day Boots

I’m a big fan of an easy to carry purse- just big enough for my ID (drinking), ticket (slightly important), lipgloss (chapped lips are the worst, ya dig?), iPhone (and portable charger). This Kate Spade wallet is slightly smaller than what my normal go-to is, but as long as I can throw my iPhone in my pocket, it gets the job done! Oh, and it’s purple… so that’s a big plus.

A watch is pretty much an essential part of the game day look. You can skip out on other accessories, but be sure you rock a watch. I’m a big fan of the boyfriend style and this Michael Kors watch looks great with everything. Pair it with some purple and gold jewelry and your outfit looks polished and spirited. The purple necklace/bracelet combo is from White Lily– but here are some similar pieces to check out: PURPLE JEWELRY.


Stay tuned for more #SMUHateWeek leading up to the big game… AND GO FROGS!



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