Hannah Brockman: Hair Whisperer

The best part (okay one of the best parts-sorry mom!) is taking a visit to see Hannah Brockman at Planet Hair.

It’s been awhile since my last visit… and by awhile i mean it was in March… Don’t worry, I did get a trim in DFW, but I don’t let anyone touch my color unless their name starts with an H and rhymes with banana. Even though it’s been so long since I’ve had my color touched, numerous people have commented (as recently as end of August!) that my hair color looks great. That’s sayin’ something.

Hannah is so talented at what she does. But she doesn’t let her talent stand in the way of what her customer’s want. Hannah knows that I can’t come back to see her very often and therefore I need a color that looks great when I leave, but still looks great a few months later! I love that she doesn’t force anything drastic that she knows will be high maintenance, both with the cut and color, because we all know that I can be lazy with doing my hair every morning!

Take a look at my before….

casey before casey before 2

My inspiration…

blake hair lc hair

And my after…

Hair by Hannah 2Hair by Hannah 1

Now tell me Hannah isn’t incredibly talented? But don’t kid yourself, talent alone doesn’t keep me coming back to see her. Hannah is talented, professional and beyond friendly. No matter how bad my day or week has been, I know after a few hours with Hannah and I’ll be left feeling happier (and prettier!).

I would recommend Hannah to anyone. Absolutely anyone. I have no doubt in my mind that Hannah will be doing big things with her career and personal life. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!


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