Fitness Challenge

Laura and I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge today. It’s 4:00 pm, I haven’t had a Diet Coke and I’m still working the day away. That’s impressive.

Anyways, the Challenge is supposed to help lower body fat, assist with metabolism, toning and overall health… I’m excited! Knowing how competitive Laura and I are, it’s no wonder that we had to make a competition out of it.

We have a point system going- 1 point for following the eating guidelines, 1 for sleeping 6+ hours, 1 for drinking 1/2 our body weight in ounces of water and 1 for working out (cardio + weights). If you drink alcohol, coffee or soda, you lose all your points for the day… so that’s a bummer!

Stay tuned for fun workouts (and workout gear) recipes, challenges, successes and everything else that happens along the way!


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