What I’m Craving Wednesday {8.27}

Every lady needs a purse for some occasion or another. And with fall just around the corner it’s time to find your go-to bag. Since it is fall, it opens up the doors for a whole new color scheme. My obsession with burgundy is real. I can’t wait for burgundy, navy and cognac to take over my closet. Which leads me to my current craving… a burgundy shoulder bag! Check out a few of my favorite bags.

Big Time Splurge
Shoulder // Rebecca Minkoff (Nordstrom) // $1,295.00 // ORDER ONLINE

rebecca minkoff

Perfect Price
Shoulder & Clutch Combo // White Lily // $42 // ORDER ONLINE
White Lily Clutch

Tight Budget
Shoulder // HM // $17.95 // ORDER ONLINE

HM Bag


My personal favorite is the combo from White Lily! Not only is it completely adorable, but you’re getting more for your buck! Combo bag + burgundy = OBSESSESION

For more bags I adore check out my Resultly page!


One comment

  1. Thanks GIrl!! Love your fun blog!!! We love the burgundy clutch for fall too… Loving the big color combos of burgundy and navy for fall!!!

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