What I’m Craving Wednesday {8/20}

Last night my life changed. It truly did. Ask Laura if you don’t believe me! 

In a search for finding the perfect gift for Kitty, Laura and I stumbled upon Dude, Sweet Chocolate. I’ve walked by the store front in Lowest Greenville many times, but I’d never wandered in. We decided to give it a go. 

The store is set up very nicely. It’s quaint, but still large. It’s very chic, which everyone knows is a huge part of making your business successful these days. From the boxes, to the product names, to the adorable hipster working at the time, it was great. 

But let’s be real, a place can be as trendy as humanly possible, but the product has to match. 

The hipster-worker tempted Laura and I with some samples, and of course we obliged. We tried some of his favorites, some popular gift ideas and then some. The bites were just small enough to be rich without overwhelming us. You see, all of the chocolate recipes are made for different purposes. Some match with wine (cheesy chocolate), some go great on ice cream (sweet chocolate), some are great by themselves… some have alcohol in them… One even reminded me of Nutella, but I was quickly reprimanded for that comparison. Dude, Sweet Chocolate is made without all of the “crap” that’s in Nutella… So I was told 🙂 

Moral of the story. Go there. Now. And bring me back some chocolate… sound good?



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