Interview Essentials #OOTD

Raise your hand if you *dread* preparing outfits when you have potential to be way over, or way under, dressed.

The good news for all your worry-warts like me is that it’s always better to be overdressed for an interview. So that gives us somewhere to start.

One of my favorite pieces in my closet is the classic fit and flare LBD. Now there are many types of LBDs out there… this one happens to interview-appropriate. Classy. Simple. But still shows you have a personality.

Pair it with some dressy, but fashionable booties, like the phtographed cognac and lace ones from Francesca’s…

Top it off with a simple, statement piece… such as this gold boyfriend watch by Michael Kors…

OOTD: Interview Style

And you’ve got yourself the perfect interview outfit. You’ll stand out as someone who is trendy, but classy. Ready to work, but has a personality.

Find similar pieces here: FIT & FLARE LBDBOOTIEWATCH


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