5 Apps to Download Right Now

Before joining the iPhone world, I didn’t understand the pure genius behind the app realm. Sure, Blackberry’s had apps but I wasn’t too interested in anything besides the basics. Even in my first few months of iPhone-usage I kept it simple. Snapchat, Facebook, Pandora… Boy have things changed!

Check out my favorite apps of the moment:

Dark Sky

Dark Sky: Dark Sky puts other weather apps to shame. Utter shame. This app is the perfect thing to open right before you head out the door. It tells you things as direct as “light drizzle starting in 7 minutes and finishing 4 minutes later”. It’s great. There’s your normal weather information- radar, forecast, wind, all of that… just better. I highly recommend this for anyone who gets annoyed with the generic Apple weather.


Tinder: Okay, don’t roll your eyes at me, I mean it! You’re lying to yourself if you haven’t either A) downloaded the app or B) thought about downloading it. Whether you are looking for love, lust, or simply the self esteem boost of swiping right to the hot guy/girl and receiving the “It’s A Match” pop up, we all go through a Tinder phase. It’s part of our culture.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle: I was pretty hesitant to download this when it was recommended to me. I prefer sleeping until the last possible minute- this app wants me to give it a 30 minute time frame of when I’d like to wake up? YOU MEAN WAKE UP 30 MINUTES BEFORE I HAVE TO? Yeah… no thanks! But, alas, I downloaded it and gave it a try. I’m officially hooked. I wake up more well rested than I ever. I’ve also discovered what makes me sleep better at night by checking on my nightly stats. It’s crazy how much an app can tell you… and how much better it can make you feel!

Fit Bit

FitBit: Disclaimer: you need to buy a FitBit before downloading the app… Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Anyways, this app rocks. The FitBit in general is incredible. I love tracked my steps and physical activity during the day. In case you haven’t learned by now, I’m really into being self-aware and apps like this are a great help! The app also lets me input my h2o and caloric intake. I program my personal info, my goals and my daily food, and the FitBit monitors my activity. It helps keep me on track to hit my goals. Not to mention it fuels my competitive side when I see I’m slacking on my steps!


BuzzFeed: I’m only a little obsessed with BuzzFeed, I promise! I prefer the app to the site because it’s so much easier to navigate and use on the go. It’s perfect for when you’re sitting around doing nothing, ya know like at work? KIDDING! More like the waiting room for Drs appointments or while you’re broccoli is steaming. Anyways, check out the app and save yourself the headache of mobile site issues.

I know these are pretty basic, but you have to start somewhere! Once you teach yourself to use apps instead of the Internet you will want an app for EVERYTHING. Like hotels, food, happy hours, clothes, salon finders… It’s limitless!


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