New Music Tuesday 7.29

Phew, it’s been a minute since I’ve let the world (aka all five of you readers who I thank for reading my blog) know what music I’ve recently been diggin’! Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Cool Kids/Echosmith/ Let’s take a minute to discuss how adorable this band is, for starters. Just look at their Twitter profile and you instantly want to be their pal. More importantly, though, listen to Cool Kids. And check them out on the tour with American Authors this fall. DO IT. I am. Peer pressure is still a thing, yah? 

Take a Listen

2. Dirt/Florida Georgia Line/ I’m about as ehhhh about FGL as one can get… but there’s something about this song that just hits me. Maybe it’s because I’m from Kansas? Maybe because they FINALLY stopped rapping? Whatever it is, I dig it (see what I did there??). 

Take a Listen

3. All About That Bass/Meghan Trainor/ Two words: BOOTY BOOTY. Okay, same word just repeated but who cares? This song makes you want to A) Shake your booty and B) Have a big booty. How many op culture references to big being beautiful are there? Few and far between. The stars have aligned with introducing this song to my world this week. I discovered it just a few days after sharing my story about battling with an ED and the crazy pressures of the world. I think Meghan might be my spirit animal. Maybe? At least I can pretend. Anyways, kudos on the hit, Meghan! 

Take a Listen

That’s all for now. PS I wrote this last week… but it can’t be NMT if I post it on a Thursday or Friday… so cheers, y’all! 




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