BB16: Floaters Grab A Life Vest

Where’s that feisty red headed gal when you need her? No, but really, where’s Rachel? 


I’m fairly convinced that the floaters of BB16 are going to somehow sail into the jury days. I really despise them… so I hope they leave sooner rather than later!

Let’s break down what’s happening in the house…

Bomb Squad forms, bomb squad blows up. Devin leaves. Caleb stays. Cody flirts with Amber.

Cody wins HOH. Caleb chooses money over Veto. Floater wins Veto. Detonators form. Cody cries about blood on his hands. Brittany leaves and sees her kiddos. 

Zankie wins HOH. *I shriek like a 12 year old girl*. Floaters are still floating… but maybe this is the week to start letting the **girls drown? 

**Jocasta does nothing in the house except cry and freak out and make everyone around her nervous. Except Donny. Apparently they are BFFs, but Donny is BFFs with 95% of the house. So that’s not saying much for her. OH, she wears really hideous bowties… so I guess she has that going for her? 

**Victoria wears make up……… and uh somehow won a Veto contest. Do we know anything else about her? … No, but really, do we?

Although I could talk BB for hours… I’ll leave y’all with this. Frankie and Derrick are quickly becoming two of my favorite BB players. My two favorite for the season, hands down. My next favorite players this season would Zach and Hayden. If only Hayden and his lil GF could win some contests… things could get interesting! 

Cheers to tonight’s episode and hoping Zankie have a successful reign as HoHs.






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