summer daze;

There truly is nothing better than a toasty summer. Except maybe a breezy AND toasty one. Ya dig? 

But really. I love summer. It’s my happy time. Whether I’m in California, Kansas or Texas… I make it a grand time. It’s weird to think it’s been years since spending a summer Nannying back home. Spending quality time at the Dunes and lake, and shakin’ it with my girls at Zumba after work. Honestly, it was one thing about being back home that I could go back to and be content. Kids, sun, water and shakin’. However, if we want to go so far as to say what I miss… it’s being a 20 minute drive from the beach! Living in Woodland Hills really spoiled me. Waking up, packing a cooler and driving through a canyon on my days off became habit. A habit that was heartbreaking to break… Hashtag I miss the PCH. 

I digress. 


I haven’t had too much of a summer since starting the real world… between traveling and work, lazy days have been few and far between. Until today. I knew as soon as I got off work yesterday I needed to be productive so I could get my dose of summer to hold me over for the week. *I deep cleaned my apartment on a Friday night… WHO AM I* 

The sun was hot. The water was perfection. Cold. Refreshing. Therapeutic. The perfect Babe Walker book to entertain me. Brand new music synced to my phone. Ideal tanning conditions, wouldn’t you agree?

To top off the perfect day of relaxing by the pool, I get to casually eat dinner and blog. No pressure. No obligations. No distractions (sorry y’all no offense I love you but me time rocks!). Just me and my thoughts. Maybe I’ll even treat myself to a bubble bath. 

Cheers to being in a daze, y’all. 

PS- go buy yourself some Nerds Chapstick. This shiz rocks. 


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