Always A Bridesmaid

This past weekend I had my first experience as a Bridesmaid. I’ve been in weddings before, granted it has been years since those weddings, but this was my first time as a Bridesmaid.

I flew out to San Diego after work Friday morning. The tricky part of not checking a bag, shoot it probably would have been tricky even if I had checked a bag, is what to do with all the wedding supplies. By supplies I mean the dress, hair flower and present. I made it work, have no fear, with only a few minor punctures int he wrapping paper and slight curling iron burns on my carry on bag (I may or may not have gotten ready during my layover for the rehearsal dinner).

Flying Southwest has it’s perks… like really tasty pretzels, WiFi and unassigned seating. Even thought I was late in the Bs, I still got pretty solid seats on my way to KC and SD. However, the pretzels weren’t enough to fill me up so I had to cough up $9 for a mediocre sandwich at the KC airport (still sour about this, obviously).

The rehearsal was great… mainly because I hadn’t seen the Bride-To-Be in over a year… so walking in to the rehearsal and getting a big ole hug from her and her mama made my day. I knew no one in the bridal party. Shoot, I didn’t even know the Groom if we’re being honest here. But I got to know everyone very quickly! Sarah has great taste in friends… and James had some characters as Groomsmen to say the least. I may or may not have accidentally referred to them as Groomsquad a few times.. I guess my mind is still on my cruise.

It didn’t take long to realize that fellow Bridesmaid Jenny and I were insanely similar people. All weekend we did our best to help the beautiful Bride have the best day possible. From pep talks to set up to WalMart runs, we did our best to be the perfect Bridesmaids. Shoot, we even wore makeup for the wedding (for me putting on mascara is a lot of work, let alone anything else!).

The brunch was great, as was the ceremony itself… and the backyard reception. The year of planning and stress truly paid off. All the guests were mesmerized by the happy couple, the little kids were dancing, the big kids were drinking, err I mean dancing, and the happy couple shone in the spotlight. Sarah was a beautiful bride. She looked so happy all night long. I can only hope that the rest of her life she’s as happy as she looked Saturday.

Even though I can’t imagine being married at our age, I’m so happy for her and know she is in it for the long haul. I’m so blessed that she asked me to be part of her big day, even though it was a lot of pressure being in charge of the rings… 😉

Hugs, Kisses & Best Wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Patterson

Mr & Mrs



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