when I dress up;

I remember senior year of high school like it was yesterday, well at least parts of it. Basically that I thought dressing up and wearing no make up was my way of making a statement- HA.

A few summers ago when I was out in LA, dressing up was my daily life and I loved it. It wasn’t business-grossness, it was business trendy. It was fun. I loved putting outfits together.

Shoot, even go out on the weekends during college, I loved getting ready. But going to class was a different story… Even dressing up for internships became a total drag.

Now here I am a full-blown adult and I would rather wear Lulus to the bar instead of a cute dress. I prefer shorts to work clothes. I’m lazy. That’s all there is to it. (No, actually, it’s that I’m poor and can’t by new clothes. Hashtag poverty.)

But, alas, I decided to wear the cute J.Crew dress (yeah, tags were still on it… whoops). And my favorite booties from Francesca’s. I looked cute and people commented on how I dressed up I was. If that’s not a sign that I dress down, I don’t know what is!



**Feel free to donate to the “Casey Needs To Like An Adult” fund!


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