Holiday Weekend in Dallas

Pretty sure I finally celebrated the Fourth weekend right! And boy oh boy was it a fun one.

4th weekend

Pool Party What’s more fun, the party itself or the food at the party? I made my famous Crack Corn Dip (recipe to come… stay tuned!) and it was a huge success. But alas, the party itself was a bigger success. I made friends (YES GO ME). Not just “oh hey you’re cool let’s talk at a party and never hang out friends” but real, human friends. I never understood how exciting it was to make friends and grow your circle larger until I graduated college. Seriously, there aren’t people thrown in your face to be friends with… you have to find them! In addition to human friends, I also made friends with an inflatable whale named Shampoo. And my hat was stolen a few times. It was a good day… minus the jerks from Baylor (or was it SMU? Laura help me out here…) who kept calling my town Fort WorthLESS. I’m all about friendly banter but y’all were just plain RUDE.

Katy Trail Ice House I would like to go on record here and tell the world that I LOVE ICE HOUSE! But really. I’ve been a handful of times and it never disappoints. A wise man once told me that because I’m from Funky Town that Ice House and Rustic would be two of my favorite bars, and so far at least half of that holds true. The atmosphere is on point. You don’t have to worry about what you wear because I’ve seen everything from swimsuit cover ups to stilettos to norts. Oh, and this weekend I met Harrison (Columbus Short) from Scandal (and had no idea who he was…)… and after I left the bar he got arrested (S/O to Crystal for being an expert photog). Soooo there’s that. I made friends with a balloon. And a puppy. And I hung out with my new friends from the pool party. Needless to say it was a solid night.

Granada Stay tuned for more details on the concert and bands later… for now just know that Luke Wade, Nelo & Bob Schneider rocked the Granada Saturday night. And, I got to see it FO FREE with Laura thanks to Culture Map Dallas. Twitter contests really are the best…

Everyone Worth Knowing Such a great read! It’s be the same author as Devil Wears Prada (which I have yet to read) and the same author of last weekend’s pool read Last Night at Chateau Marmont. There was still the love angle in this one, but instead of music and marriage this focused on switching careers and the NYC PR/party scene.

Awkward Moments I felt like a freshman as Taylor and I walked the halls of LoL this weekend with stolen Lucky Charms and pizza from Neighbor’s room and then proceeded to eat a sugar cookie with whip cream and strawberries for dinner… I had to endure the awkward life of a third wheeler watching Kyle feed Taylor a hot dog was only the tip of the iceburg… Speaking of Kyle, he tried to pimp out all of his friends to me. The conversation went something along the lines of “what’s your type?” “tall and muscular” *gets on FB* “he’s buff and like 6’4″…. I got called “lil mama” and had my butt grabbed/slapped while walking in Uptown… Kyle and I both Tried Delta, or at least our 4th tanks made it appear that way… I woke up way before noon on a Sunday to clean, work out, do laundry (and get to the pool to read of course). Oh, last but not least Neighbor made me watch Naked and Afraid, Family Guy and Psych… as if I need more shows to start watching…


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