Fourth Fashion

I would be lying to y’all if I said the Fourth wasn’t one of the most fun days to dress up for. You can do so many different things with such a focused theme: ‘Merica. Here are a few of my favorite looks this holiday season.

Pool Party

Solid colored swimsuit in one of your three main colors: Red, White, Blue. Something that can be a conversation starter- you know where girls say your suit is “just so cute where did you get it?” and guys think “wowza”. Take this suit for example. Bonus, it’s on sale! 


Have a fun coverup that says I’m cute, but I didn’t try too hard… like this coverup dress form Target.


Next step is to have comfy, casual flippies. No need to bring out the Torey Burch… these Target flippies will do the job just fine.


Sunnies are crucial to any pool party. You need to be honest with yourself, will you be in the water goofing around or staying outside of the pool. I’m a pool-user so I take the route of cute but easily replaceable, like these Cotton On sunnies. If you’re avoiding the pool, go ahead and rock the fancy sunnies, make everyone ohhh and ahh, but I think you’ll have more fun in the water.


And last but not least, the hat. Have fun with the hat and be over-the-top ‘Merica with this. Or this. Or my personal favorite.


Day Drinking

Start off with a great tank, like this one from Forever 21.


Be sure to wear a cute lace bralette like this from Victoria Secret under your tank. Stick with either red, white or blue depending on the tank you go with.


Have some fun with shorts. White or denim cutoffs can be lots of fun and super flirty, but you can’t go wrong with some more relaxed boyfriend shorts either. If you are prone to spilling, avoid the white and stick with a dark denim like these shorts from J. Crew.


Have some fun with the shoes. Depending on where you’ll be your shoe can range from a red boot, converse or some ultra stylish sandals like these from Steve Madden. Be sure to coordinate the shoes with the top, rule number 1!


Top it all off with a cute oversized watch from Michael Kors and you’ve got yourself the perfect day time 4th outfit!





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