Eating, Tanning, Exploring, Oh My!

I have a pretty great track record right now of fabulous weekends and this weekend surely did not disappoint.


Renfield’s Corner: Taylor and I ventured out to Uptown to meet up with Laura and the gang. I’ve been to Renfield’s before, but Taylor hasn’t! It was a great crowd Friday night when we first got there, but it ended up being a little too crowded for my particular taste. It must be part of growing up… because when I was in college the way I “knew” a bar would be fun, was if I had to wait in line to get in. Now, not so much. Our drinks were great… we each ordered Cherry Vodka Sours and Vegas Bombs. However, the best part of the night didn’t come from being at the bar (although I did get some quality people watching and friend-making done) it came from the walk to the bar. I ran into Cas, an old friend from Kansas, literally as we were walking from Ice House to Renfield’s. It was one of the most random things that has ever happened to me in Dallas. Mind you this wasn’t a TCU friend… it was a friend from small town USA. That in itself made it a successful evening!

LoL Pool: Friday, Saturday, Sunday… check! I got some quality pool time in this weekend and my fresh tan can prove it! I had zero intentions of being at the pool Friday night but Taylor introduced me to our neighbor and between the two of them I was convinced that going to the gym for a second time wasn’t nearly as exciting as hanging out at the pool for the evening. Saturday was a little gloomy in the morning, but by the time Neighbor and I got back from Half Price Books it was sunny and perfect! Errands and work took over my Sunday morning, but have no fear my new book Last Night at Chateau Marmont and I spent the entire day soaking up the rays. Then I was joined by Neighbor and Laura and the story time began…

Brunch: I made waffles for brunch. It was delicious. And relaxing, as we ate on my patio! I think the roommate and neighbor might have been spoiled between brunch and baking this weekend… What can I say, I like to cook!

Rusty Taco: HI YUMMY. What more can I say? Great friends, great tacos and even better salsa. OH AND IT WAS CHEAP! I will most certainly be back to Rusty Taco while I live approx. 60 seconds from one.

Chuy’s: JALAPENO RANCH IS MY LIFE. Why did it take me so long to go to Chuy’s? Between the chips and dip, and my tasty margarita, this girl was a happy camper. Fun fact: there is one about 5 minutes from my apartment… and they have a great happy hour! Free queso and salsa bar… and $3.95 margs. If you think I’m passing that up, you’re crazy.

Pluckers: Everyone is obsessed with this place. I don’t get it! It’s tasty… but these people are cult like! However, to-go may not be the way to go, the fries were a bit cold… but tasty enough to give it another try. After all, it is across the street from my apartment…

LA Fitness: Officially an adult, Taylor, Rachel, Laura and I all signed up for LA Fitness memberships. We’re all about the #GetFit life… and the people watching, obviously. I’m excited to share my fitness journey with y’all! The comeback from knee surgery.. should be a crazy ride! Zumba videos, tips and motivation to follow, stay tuned.

June Weekend

Bonus: I was a major badass wingman for Taylor in Uptown and hollered “wait come back” at a guy who she clearly thought was cute as we crossed paths walking to our car… they both stopped walking, they turn, their eyes meet, the rest is history. Pretty fairytale-esque, yeah? But more importantly, Neighbor had bowls, spoons and a box of Lucky Charms ready for Taylor and I when we got home Friday night, possibly the cutest thing ever, but that’s up for debate. And I made some pretty tasty brownies (S/O to Pinterest for the recipe) for my homies. OH, and I became obsessed with Half Price Books and Go Radio (S/O to Neighbor for showing me the world).



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