Cheers to the weekend! 

I’m very excited to hit the gym a few times this weekend. My roommate and I just joined with LA Fitness and can’t wait to put the membership in use. Time to get back into pre-surgery shape! We also plan to get our tan on. A little GTL action if you will. Have I mentioned how insane our pool is? Literally a resort in our backyard. The chairs are so comfortable that you pass out instantly (or maybe we are just that exhausted on the weekends, who knows!). Landmark was definitely the best choice for an apartment, the pool is just an added perk. Oh, about the L part of it… I’ll leave that to Taylor. I’m too lazy be a housewife… 

As much as I love staying in my little nook, I’m thrilled to go exploring a little! Plans to check out some Uptown bars, and hopefully some Lower Greenville ones are definitely in the works. Sounds like we might have quite the group heading out tonight… we roll deep, ya dig?

Stay tuned for updates on the fitness adventure and reviews for wherever we venture out to this weekend. 

Do you have any suggestions on Dallas places to check out? Or any fun plans this weekend that are going to make me extremely jealous?



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