Exploring Dallas: Wink, Crisp & Ice House

I’ve had a chance to try out a few Dallas spots… but need some advice on some, too!

Wink: Uptown Lovely interior! It’s very welcoming and quaint. The customer service was awesome. There were three ladies working when I popped in and they all three were very polite and welcoming. The location was a little inconvenient (as someone who is new to Dallas and doesn’t know their way around uptown yet), but it was manageable. I parked in a spot that was supposed to be for Palm Beach… thankfully I didn’t get towed! I was a little tired of driving around looking for correct parking. Hopefully next month I find the correct parking and can fix that issue! The service itself was very quick and well done. My brows turned out great, but they were a little thin compared to what I normally have done at the Fort Worth Wink. Hopefully this is a one-time thing! Like I said, they look great, so it wasn’t the end of the world!



Crisp Salad Co: Lower Greenville Hellllllo delicious salads! From the first foot in the door I felt welcomed and at home. The staff was extremely friendly and the set up was adorable. Super laid back, but still very forward. It’s sort of a Marble Slab meets healthy living. They make the salad in front of you, chop it up, mix it… all that fun stuff. I went with the Street Taco… which was delicious and recomended by the gentleman makign my salad. You can also build your own. To top off the experience, I sat outside on the patio and enjoyed some quality people watching and summer weather. The price wasn’t terrible for a salad, everything was around $10. Affordable, but not an every day outing.  One thing is for sure: I will be back… and bringing all of my friends with me!


lKaty Trail Ice House First night out in Dallas and we decided to check out Ice House! Great call on our part. The margaritas, although a little on the expensive side, tasted great! The crowd was very laid back, which matched the atmosphere of the bar perfectly. We spent most of our evening inside, but towards the end of the evening went outside and enjoyed the patio weather. I love the set up with the open barn style coupled with a large area of picnic tables. We didn’t have to mess with parking  because we used Uber, but there was valet available for those who were trying to park. It seems that parking in Uptown is a nightmare… so walking, trolley riding and Uber-ing are the way to go!

ADVICE: Where should I go for a quick pedicure? Headed out on a cruise soon… so the toes need some work!


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