When In Dallas…

So, I’m still fairly new to Dallas… and my fairly, I clearly mean very new. We’ve been living in our new apartment for less than a week and I’ve been at my new job for just under two weeks. Everything is fresh and exciting, including the learning curve to understanding Dallas traffic and neighborhoods.

My first goal when moving to Dallas was to become Local. Yes, capital L for Local. Flashback a few summers ago to living in LA… it took me almost a month to realize that there were side streets and hole in the wall places. I wasted hours of my life sitting in traffic waiting to exit where my GPS (no iPhone at the time, so can’t blame this on Siri) told me to. Then, when I found hours to be social, I thought “oh let’s be touristy”! I’m sure you know how that turned out… I spent time at overcrowded beaches and looking at stars on Hollywood Blvd. Needless to say I learned my lesson about being Local.

So, here I am nearing week two of being in Dallas and I have already found myself being Local! I have discovered the pure joy taking a service road instead of sitting in stand still 75 traffic. I’ve found places to go on walks or grab a bite to eat that aren’t included on the “When I Visit Dallas” Pinterest boards. This weekend I plan to dive head first into the social scene… see what Lower Greenville has to offer and enjoy the beautiful patio weather.

Here’s to discovering more short cuts and underground happiness.


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