Life On The Other Side

I’ve officially finished a full week of work, including a 14 hour event and checking out some league action in the evenings.

I’m tired.

No need to beat around the bush! I love the working life so far, but it’s going to take a minute to get used to it all. Part of my problem is I spent my first week of work couch-surfing. The morning of my first event I was awake at  6am making the move from Fort Worth to Dallas. And then this week I’m attempting to unpack and battle a cold (or allergies… I’m not sure, any Dr out there want to help a sister out?).

No excuses. Just facts.

I’m excited to start learning more about the “real world” and see what life is like once I get into a normal routine (what is normal?). The perks so far include:

No more papers or exams! 
Internship and working to make money have been combined… aka less time spent working! 
Work lunches… free food, need I say more?
Setting benchmarks and working to achieve them. I’m a nerd, okay, I like numbers, sorry! 
Having my own desk area that I can decorate with plenty of purple.. GO FROGS!
Everyone assuming I’m at least 25-26 ish and being SHOCKED when I tell them I’m 21… 

Don’t worry, friends, I’ll keep you posted with the life of a Dallas girl outside of work once I start figuring life out.


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