Dress Season

Nothing makes a day of shopping run smoother than when all the pieces fall together perfectly. Today was that day!


I started my morning off by making a quick to-do list. And by quick, I actually mean a rather long list of things I’ve been avoiding. On this list included grabbing a few wardrobe pieces for my new “adult” lifestyle (aka interviews and work). I had a J. Crew gift card and Gap Rewards, so naturally I was hoping to find some great pieces at those stores.

I don’t usually enter J. Crew except to window shop, but today I ended up trying on at least a dozen fabulous items. J. Crew is a little out of my price range, so I tried to stick to my budget allotted via my gift card. I found this FABULOUS steal on the sale rack (take an additional 40% off the lowest price- HECK YES!). The dress was normally $180, but I walked out spending $42 on it. How awesome is that? It’s hard to find such a high quality, darling dress for $40 anywhere, let alone J. Crew. 




I couldn’t make the walk from J. Crew down to Gap without popping into Francesca’s! What do you know- ANOTHER SALE! It was my lucky day. I went to the “extra 40” rack and found nearly half a dozen dresses, tried them all on, they all fit and looked great. I narrowed it down to two dresses that I think are going to be great, versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe… I also might have grabbed a pair of black booties that were on sale… All in all, I walked out spending only $70!





Last stop: Gap. I saw one dress tried it on and new it was a perfect interview dress! Shows my personality, but it’s still professional. It’s young, but it says “I work hard”. Oh, and did I mention it was also on sale? $40 isn’t too shabby.

All in all- I came home with boots, 4 work dresses, a belt and a pair of earrings.. I only spend $115 of my graduations stash! Quality day of shopping right there.



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