Graduation ’14: A Look Back

Tomorrow I graduate. How real is that? Tomorrow. That means when I go to bed, I’m going to wake up and get ready to trip walk across the big stage in Amon G. Carter in front of thousands of peers and their family and friends. My family and friends. Yikes.

In honor of “the big day”, let’s take a look at some of the life changing, Earth-shattering events that have happened over the last 3 years (yes, I graduated in 3 years and not 4… that was not a typo).

14. Frog Camp & Orientation The start of a beautiful thing. I learned how to open up to people, what it meant to have a fresh start and even met some great folks who I’ve remained friends with over the years!


13. Supervisor & TL Retreat 2013 S/O to the greatest humans on this campus and a ridiculously fun weekend trip (even when we were getting all sorts of dirty and grimy).

12. Promotion from Intern to Marketing Coordinator at American Airlines Center Pretty cool when your boss is willing to go to bat for ya, right?

11. Vagina Monologues Not only did I get to put back on my acting shoes, I was able to get to know some of the greatest girls on campus, learn and share stories about a great cause and find out a lot about myself. My only regret is that my first year was also my last year, boo conflicting schedules!

10. Baseball Games Press box & Mini Brandie… need I say more?

9. Knee Surgery #2 and #3 Some of the most painful days of my adult life… but really. Here’s to hopefully, maybe, sort of, getting back to normal before too long.

8. Round-Up Need I say more?


7. Semi-Creepy Bonding Night Laura knows exactly what I’m talking about. The start of a really amazing friendship… Girls > Boyz

6. Celebrating the Big 2-1 in Manhattan It was a gooood, good time. Thanks to all who celebrated with me and helped me fill out the shot book!


5. TCU vs LSU Football Game All of the road games were exciting… but let’s be honest, this game was ridiculous from the very start. You can’t ask for a better season opener! It was a true game day experience from getting up in the morning, tailgating, to cheering at the game. Go Frogs forever and ever.

4. Spring 2014 Rec Banquet I couldn’t have asked for a better group of kiddos to work with. Don’t get me wrong, every year has been a blast… but there was something special about this year and I can’t quite put my finger on it. The banquet was the cherry on top! It made me so ridiculously excited to have almost all of our staff show up to celebrate the year.


Rec Banquet

3. Renting My First House I was able to spend two years living with one of the greatest girls I know! We got to experience quite a few firsts this year living in our first house. We taught each other so much in the process and I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate to spend the majority of my college career with. BUT, let’s be honest, there are a few things that neither of us were ready for when we moved into the house… but we learned! 🙂

2.  Driving across the country by myself  TWENTY FIVE HOURS AT 19 YEARS OLD. What was my my mother thinking….? But, on the flip side, it was one of the most rewarding and exciting adventures I’ve ever gone on! I really and truly think I grew up on the drive, and my summer spent in LA. Wouldn’t trade those memories for the world.




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