Funky Town Bucket List

10. Stockyards
You can’t be in Fort Worth and not experience the Stockyards! I can’t give you a great answer as to why I haven’t explored the Stockyards in my three years here… but it never really happened. I made it to Billy Bobs a few times. I worked a concert and checked it out on a random Tuesday summer night on my orientation visit. I checked our PRs recently, which apparently is the “#1 place to meet singles”. Let’s be real, I met no one… and I’m a single. Although I haven’t experienced any of the cattle-rodeo-etc, I can at least say I’ve been “down in the Stockyards”. Oh, did I mention I blasted the Casey Donahew Band song while getting ready? No one should expect anything less.

9. Botanical Garden
I had never checked out the gardens until recently. I went out to take senior photos there and fell in love. I wish I would have found the spot sooner. It’s a great place to go for a walk “just because”. Obviously it’s a great photo spot… and it’s super romantic. Can you say picnic date??

8. Food
Can we just take one moment to think of all the great food places in Fort Worth? There’s Woodshed, Zoes, Salsa Limon, Fuzzy’s, Panera, Dutch’s, Buffalo Bros, Bottom, Blue Mesa (HAPPPPPY HOUR!), Los Vaqueros, Chimy’s… literally the list could go on forever. I have barely even skimmed the surface with this list. Basically, you can’t go wrong with eating out in Fort Worth.

7. AT&T Stadium
Although Jerry World is technically in Ag Town Swag Town, I still count it as Funky Town. Check it out. At least once in your life. Preferably for a game of sorts. I’ve seen both college football and college basketball there and loved every minute. The stadium itself is an event, let alone the actual event you go to see there!

6. TCU Bars: Aardvark, The Lab (aka Whiskey XII), Cellar, Ole Rips & Bottom 
You have to experience the TCU nightlife as a young pup and as an old lady (or man). Each bar can provide you with memories– some you remember, some you don’t and some that you like, and some that you regret. I’m not going to deny the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of the bars… but I’ve learned to love them for what they are: college bars.

5. West 7th
I LOVE WEST 7th. I love eating there– one of my favorites is Sweet Sammies (DESERT ROCKS). I’m also a big fan of Tillman’s Roadhouse. If you check out Tillman’s, make sure you order s’mores for desert! My favorite thing to do on the weekends is to head out to 7th. Whether it’s eating on the patio, catching a movie at Movie Tavern, or the more often choice of bar hopping. The Local and Capital are two of my go-to spots. The atmosphere is perfect for the social butterfly. You can make rounds and see lots of friends, and meet new people (of course). If you aren’t feeling social, there are plenty of tables to pop a squat at. The drinks are decently priced and extremely tasty.

4. TCU Sporting Events
Please don’t  be that student who chooses to avoid sporting events. Being at a Big 12 school means Big 12 sporting events. THEY ARE FUN. Just because a particular sports team isn’t on a hot streak doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cheer them on. Coming from a girl who hates soccer…. if I can go to a soccer game, so can you!!!

3. Fort Worth Zoo 
Does it count if I’ve gone on runs around the outside of the zoo? Because that’s all I’ve done. Raise your hand if you will go to the zoo with me, please! I’ve heard it is such a stellar way to spend an afternoon. Great atmosphere, cute animals and an all around grand time.

2. Downtown
There are so many places downtown to check out! Unfortunately, I haven’t hit all the great places downtown. If you’re in the mood for some cheap drinks, make sure you check out Library on Thursday nights! $1.25 drinks are a college student’s dream. Pete’s Piano Bar is also a fabulous time. I checked it out freshman year during the KSU-TCU football game… best decision I’ve ever made! I’ve been itching to make my return since I turned 21. Food wise, you can’t go wrong. My only advice is to avoid the major chain places- like PF Changs. There’s no need to waste your time there when you can experience more exciting places!

1. Frog Fountain 
Go swim in Frog Fountain, is there anything more that needs to be said?


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