Final Four

I have been given some phenomenal opportunities during the last five or so years. The most recent of them being working the Final Four and National Championship games in Dallas (er, well, Arlington if we’re being honest here!). I worked the tournament that Dallas/Big 12 hosted last year, but this is the real deal. I didn’t realize just how awesome this oppurtunity was until yesterday.

I mean sure, people have been telling me how jealous they were that I was working all weekend and I did get some wicked sweet swag, but nothing seemed surreal until arriving at the stadium yesterday.

I have a pretty sweet gig, I’m helping with the press conferences. Nothing too crazy, I’m a mic holder, but I get to be around for all of the excitement! In addition, I help out Laura and the rest of the Big 12 staff as needed. I love it all. No matter how important or unimportant you may think your job is, it truly is crucial to making everything a success.

This tournament is crazy. The amount of people here for it, the demand of a flawless event, the NCAA pressures, everything is top notch. Expectations are set high and I do believe that Dallas is exceeding them.

Here’s to a great rest of the tournament weekend and a stellar learning experience. Hopefully this isn’t my last Final Four that I’ll be attending, but it’s certainly been one to remember!

Final Four


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