Fort Worth: Brows

I used to be a huge fan of waxing my eyebrows, in fact, I swore by it. Vanity Room is one of the greatest waxing boutiques I’ve ever been to- great customer service, phenomenal at what they do and an overall stellar environment. Making appointments at VR is super convenient- calling, Twitter, Facebook and online book sites are available all the time. The location and hours are also great for someone who is constantly on the go! There’s literally nothing about VR that I haven’t fallen in love with. However, when I started using Acutane, I had to stray away from my wax routine. Sensitive skin does not mesh well with waxing and it’s listed as a warning on the Acutane box “DO NOT WAX DURING, OR ONE MONTH AFTER USING ACUTANE”. I had to find a new way to tame my caterpillar brows.

This brought me to my first experience with threading. I did a little research, first via word of mouth referrals, then a little social media and online reviews. I found an affordable, highly recommended threading boutique in West 7th, Wink.  I was scared to death, to be completely frank, on my first visit in. It hurt, it hurt awfully bad. But I survived. Part of the pain might have been in my mind, but it did hurt. I’ve now gone three times and it doesn’t hurt anymore. It will sting a little, my eyes will water just a bit, but in the end it’s completely worth it. Plucking my own brows never ends well… and it’s painful. At least with threading I know the end product will turn out stellar!

One other thing that I really love about Wink is that I never wait long. You can call ahead and get an appointment, or simply walk in. My first time I made an appointment, the second I walked in and was the only person there and most recently I walked in and had to wait about 10 minutes.

To find out more about my favorite eyebrow places in Fort Worth, check out Wink Twitter/Facebook, and Vanity Room Twitter/Facebook. You won’t regret giving either of them a try! And, if you go to Vanity Room, let them know that I say hi! I miss my monthly visit with the VR ladies!



  1. Good for you for being so brave! I’ve considered both threading and waxing but have never had the courage to go through with either of them. Guess I’m stuck with awful old tweezing for now.

    1. Tweezing pain is almost the worst by now! I’m so used to wax (and attempting to get used to threading) that plucking seems AWFUL! Definitely give it a shot 🙂 But make sure you have a trustworthy boutique– it’s worth the extra couple dollars!

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