I love all of my friends and family to death, but I also love April Fools! If you know me at all, you should know that a year doesn’t go by without some sort of joke! I’ve “been in a relationship”, “paid my deposit to attend K-State”, “been in the ER” and now this year “accepted a GA position at UNLV”.

Part of me feels awful that so many friends have sent me congrats messages and “liked” my status. It’s flattering that I have such a strong support system! On the other hand, I think it is hilarious that I was able to come up with such a believable joke that no one (except my mother) has questioned me! Even when my mom texted me… it was a questioning text “facebook status = april fools???“.

I still remember an April Fools years ago… my mom, sister and I went to my grandma’s house. My mom told her she was pregnant! The best part was, (sorry mom, I’m getting personal), is that my mom had her tubes tied… she could not be prgenant. BUT, my grandma believed her! Boy oh boy did she believe her. From that day on, April Fools day has been a blast.

One of my favorite pranks that occurred off of social media was junior year of high school. I got my drama teacher (S/O Tobie Henline!) to email my mom that I had been skipping her 3rd hour class repeatedly. You see, my mom was a teacher and I was a pretty trusted student. Henline explained in the email that I had told her I had Dr appointments, had to run errands for my mom, etc. All sorts of valid excuses… but that she saw me walking on campus with a group of friends and cups from going out to eat. She caught me in a lie! My mom, as you can imagine, was furious! When I arrived home after play practice that night, I was greeted by both my parents. If my dad was at my house, you knew it was serious. Rarely did both parents get in on a punishment! I was lectured and yelled at, even given a punishment. Finally they asked if I had anything to say for myself, and I said “um, April Fools??”. It was perfect. Pure perfection.

So, to all the people who believed today’s joke… I am sorry for the inconvenience… BUT APRIL FOOLS I GOT YOU! 🙂 Stay tuned for a real job update to come in the coming weeks!



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