March Madness


Let me be frank, I’m not the queen of bracket challenges, but hell yeah I enjoy them! I’ve gone through phases (school colors, mascots, big 12, attractive players, colleges I applied to, skill level, coaches, you name it) with how I fill out my bracket… and at this point in my bracket-filling-life, I tend to overlap and combine some old bracket filling styles.

Some of my favorites this year & why:

Wichita State- hometown heroes-ish. I’ve never been an anti-WSU fan, but I’ve also never been a huge WSU fan. It has always been fun watching them succeed over the years in baseball and basketball. I sure wouldn’t mind them proving the world wrong and continuing on their undefeated season #watchus

Michigan- after working the tournament last year in Dallas, I have been converted to a semi Michigan fan. The boys played with such heart all weekend and were poised in the press conference (and even better guys when you talked to them one on one) Not to mention they (Mitch) were easy on the eye. So, go Michigan, go!

KState- unfortunately, the Wildcats have a tough bracket schedule ahead of them, but that won’t stop me for rooting for the guys in purple! The team has had it’s ups and downs, but ultimately deserve a chance to dance for a few rounds. #EMAW

Florida- call me a tshirt wearer, because I love watching this team play and I’m rooting for them– however I know little about their team. One things for certain- the state of Florida is wrecking shop this year in athletics.

OU, OSU, bayLOL, Iowa State- some Big 12 wins would sure be nice! It would make me feel better about TCU now winning a conference game all year… And it would be great for the conference as a whole! #big12sports

Let the madness begin!


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