Mentor Take Three

Interning at American Airlines Center had been on my goal list for quite some time. In January of 2013 I was finally given the chance! I applied, interviewed and was offered the position. It took a few weeks before I could start working, but my first day finally rolled around. I felt right at home with the marketing team. David Ireland, Marketing Director, and I instantly hit it off because of our Kansas connection. Unfortunately, he cheered for the Jayhawks (who happen to be my least favorite team out there).

Ireland was the new guy in the office- coming from a job with AEG. Although he wasn’t the direct intern supervisor, he took me under his wings and helped me develop my skill set. He made sure I was learning as much as possible in the few months I was interning. I made an evolving goal list my first week in the office and we made sure to cross everything off of my list. One of the coolest projects that Ireland had me do was research events and create a detailed concert proposal for a venue of my choosing. In addition to all the hands on learning, Ireland made a point to introduce me to industry folks. Networking is something that can truly make or break you.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning from Ireland, but the true gift I received was having someone believe in me. Ireland went to bat for me and brought me on board as a coordinator after my internship finished. He saw the passion in my eyes and did everything he could to help me live out my passion. I was trusted to take on big projects and be the face of our department. Ireland made sure that I developed both personally and professionally. How many college students can say they were awarded such a great amount of responsibility?

To this day Ireland is a friend, mentor and professional connection. As I venture into the big kid world, I am reminded how lucky I am to have Ireland on my side. Thank you for everything, but most importantly for believing in me (and my quest to conquer the world).


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