new music tuesday 3.4

Music friends- it’s been a minute! Some of today’s songs are a wee bit of a throwback, but I’ve been listening to them recently! Other songs are a bit more fresh. I even have some killer covers thrown in the mix.

Enough jibber jabber- here are some great songs y’all should check out!

John Legend | All of You 
If you have any romantic bone in your body this song should appeal to you. Shoot, I’m pretty anti-romance and this song still makes me feel all mushy inside. John has a knack for saying all the things a normal guy can’t/won’t ever say.

The 1975 | What Makes You Beautiful 
Don’t let the 1D title scare you away! This cover is one for the books. I may or may not have listened to this 5 times in a row Sunday night after finding it on YouTube. The vocals are spot on. Goosebumps, my friends, goosebumps. #hooked

Tove Lo | Habits
Oldie but goody!! Listen to the lyrics for the first time- DIE of laughter. Maybe a little confusion. Listen for a second time and you’ll be singing along. I’m a big fan of the unique sound. And the lyrics. Overall a solid tune and a unique artist.

Vintage 1950’s Doo Wop | Timber
HI I LOVE THIS SONG. IT IS REALLY FUN. But really. It’s such a fun cover. I’ve forced a few of my Timber-hating friends to take a listen and they’ve appreciated it. Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to download and add to your “getting ready” playlist, workout, driving, any playlist really. It will fit a plethora of moods!

Rush Midnight | In Your Room
Thank goodness for Songza! I would have never had the chance to hear this song if it weren’t for the brilliant playlist creator. It’s definitely worth taking a listen to! It’s got a stellar late night vibe to it. Check out some of their other jams while you’re at, I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Photo Cred: stereogum

Photo Cred: stereogum


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