NMT 2.11.14

Little Green Cars– I’d like to point out the fact that I’m a terrible person for not knowing who these guys were! It’s been a week or so of listening to their YouTube tunes and I’m a fan. I don’t know how I didn’t find them sooner- very disappointing. Although there are a few different songs I would like to recommend, we’re going go with Please. The voice is so pure it’s unreal. It’s also definitely on my “working on project” playlist. It relaxes you, but keeps you in a good mood. Check it, yo.

Eric Church– My Twitter feed was pretty obsessive over Eric Church today. Apparently I have a lot of country-loving friends. Must be part of going to school in Texas. Anywho! I decided to wander over to Eric Church’s Vevo page and give some tunes a listen. I’ve listening to some of his older stuff, but not too much new. I stumbled upon Give Me Back My Hometown. I liked it, possibly better than everything else I listened to. It might be because I’m about to graduate and it just felt very honest, but it could also be that it’s catchy and rich sounding. Anyways, try it out and while you’re at it, check out his entire new album that all my tweeps are obsessing over.

Frankie BallardNothing says cheesy love song quite like a metaphor-ish country song. Sunshine and Whiskey is catchy. It might not go straight to my current playlists… but it will be saved for this summer. It’s very summery. Lake sounding almost. There’s the typical country-esque aspects- drinking, summer, women, guns… all that fun stuff. But a different voice- maybe Jon Pardi sounding, but not your typical radio voice. I can honestly say I haven’t heard of this guy until I was searching similar artists to Eric Church (I told you I get on mini binges and stick to one type of music for a little while!) It’s worth taking a listen to, you might just find one or two songs of his that can relate to, or at least jam out to.


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