Netflix Binge

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of a ‘Netflix Binge’.

That’s what I thought.

But hey, I’m not one to judge. In fact, I’m going to be an instigator. Here are a few of my favorite series that I recommend you watch on Netflix to prepare for the new episodes premiering soon!

  1. Orange is the New Black: Drug deals, orange jumpsuits, lesbians, drama, engagements, affairs… you name it, it’s in this Netflix original series. This is the type of show that you either are going to love it, or completely hate it. Just to throw it out there… I haven’t met anyone who started this and didn’t it finish it within a couple days. Now it’s just a matter of time before Season 2 hits Netflix.
  2. Scandal: This is a complete twist on any sort of detective/crime solving/ government related show that is out there. After watching Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)… you will want to be a gladiator and fix everything (any maybe have an affair with the President while you’re at it). Better hurry and start watching… it comes back on ABC on February 27th.
  3. Grey’s Anatomy: Unlike Scandal, you most likely won’t enough time to catch up on every episode of Grey’s… there are well over 200 of them. BUT, I speak from experience when I say it’s possible to watch every episode in two weeks. You will laugh, cry and probably scream at your computer during your binge. The relationships, sex, saving lives, disasters, friendships and awkwardness will you craving each new episode and your finger will keep clicking “next episode” whether you actual have time to watch it or not. Grey’s will be back on ABC Feb 27th, right before Scandal.

Happy Netlfixing!



  1. Agree on Scandal and Orange. Idk if you’ve watched House of Cards yet. Absolutely fantastic. Watch it! And of course Breaking Bad. 🙂

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