7 Ways 2B Stellar

7. Try new things. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Go on an adventure. Pick up a new hobby. Take a road trip. Pin something and complete it! Venture outside your comfort zone. Enroll in an unusual class. Experiment.
6. Follow the “Golden Rule”. Be polite. Use your manners. Say please and thank you. Do not interrupt. Avoid distractions. Don’t take what isn’t yours. Communicate. Respect. Listen.
5. Meet new people. Attend events. Introduce yourself to the person sitting next to. Learn to love small talk. Make eye contact. Shake hands. Learn names. Join organizations. Meet your friends’ friends.
4. Don’t slack off. Always look for more. Be one step ahead. Give 100% effort all of the time. Be a go-getter. Arrive early. Stay late. Show initiative. Do without being asked. Complete all tasks. Nothing is beneath you.
3. Let. It. Go. Accept imperfection. Learn from mistakes. Don’t let the word no ever stop you. Listen to criticism. Fail and try again. Problem solve. Reevaluate.  Rejection does not define self worth.
2. Smile! Be friendly. Promote happiness. Greet people with a warm expression. Don’t get upset. Look on the bright side. Stress less. Don’t let a bad circumstance or event define your day.
1. Be passionate. Have that twinkle in your eye. Find the it factor. Get excited. Be determined. Try hard. Share your experience with others. Listen to your peers. Seek new opportunities. Love what you do. 

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