#NMT 2.4

It’s my favorite day of the week… purely because I get to share some of my favorite new music with everyone (and by everyone, I mean everyone that is reading what I write… all five of you loyal readers!)

Here we go. A few songs that I think you should check out.

3. Let It Go- The Neighborhood I’ve been on a kick of “finding bands that people don’t know” but this week I’ve been looking into the artists that I’ve heard a song or two of theirs on the radio.. and gone digging into their other tunes. Case in point- Sweater Weather has been played a billion times, but the rest of their jams are awesome! I really like this song- it’s dark and mysterious. Its got a vibe that grabs your attention and pulls you in. It’s not a song you simply press “next” to when it comes up on your iPhone, or even halfway through it for that matter.

2. Settle Down- The 1975 If you haven’t heard of The 1975… go to their Vevo page, you won’t regret it. They’re described as an English alt/indie rock band. They’ve had a handful of EPs, but recently released their debut album. Although songs like Chocolate and Sex are more popular… Settle Down just gets me. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t found a song I hate yet, it’s just Settle Down is that perfect mix of sexy and catchy. You can move your hips to it, but still just sit there and vibe out.

1. Rockstar- A Great Big World I have a fool proof way for you to always start your day on the right foot… SET THIS AS YOUR ALARM. It’s that easy. This is a song that makes you happy. So truly happy. Motivated. Excited. Groovy, even. You can’t help but have a huge smile on your face and start moving your body to the beat (even the most awkward of moves is totally acceptable). Not only do I think it’s the perfect way to kick start your day… it’s the best way to perk up mid day, mid night or mid crisis, too. TRY IT. Seriously. I WAS BORN TO BE A ROCKSTARRRRRR


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