#NMT 1.28

(original post date 1.28.14 via blogspot)
5. I apparently missed the “Cher Lloyd is awesome” train. Luckily, YouTube enjoys showing me more Mike Posner songs after listening to a Posner throwback. I have to admit, With Ur Love is super catchy. Guilty pleasure? Maybe. All that is for certain is Posner gots it goin’ onnnn #BowChickaWowWow4.I’ve been a fan of Matt Easton for awhile now. Nothing like a guy from your home state making music, gotta represent, right? Take a chance on Kryptonite (and all his other music while you’re at it)- once you listen, try and tell me that you don’t like this guy. But remember… lying is bad.

3. I came across Human when a friend shared the link on her Facebook page. She said the song belonged to her long time (and very talented) friend, Joshua Bass. I’m so glad I decided to give it a listen. For starters, the lyrics are great. Truly listen to it- chances are you will relate to it in some way or another. It’s also very easy on the ear. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll love that this is something that is a little different from the everyday radio tunes.

2. I must be on one of my “specific-type-of-music” binges, because this next song is another heart wrenching, deep meaning song. While everyone and their mother and dog is thinking aboutBeyonce’s Drunk In Love, I’m still hooked on Pretty Hurts. I may or may not tear up every time I watch the video. It truly is one of those songs that, for me personally, will never get old. It will forever be on my go-to playlist
1. Let’s be honest here- can we really talk about the great songs out there right now without including the flawless Lana Del Rey? Just when we thought Gatsby had the best of Lana… poof! Maleficent takes the award for “Best Lana Song” on a soundtrack! I can honestly say Once Upon A Dream is the main reason I want to see the new Disney picture.

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