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(originally posted 1.28 via blogspot)

So, here’s the deal. It’s Monday after the Grammys. I have refrained from being on Twitter since around 2 pm on Sunday. It’s time to watch, to be amazed, to get pissed and to judge the gowns. But, no one wants to be “that girl” who blows up Twitter the day after a big event. I missed being part of the conversation. So, I’m making my own conversation. My “tweets” start now.

Show time.

Just when you thought B couldn’t be anymore flawless, she kills her performance with her hubby and they walk off the stage hugging. DYING. Literally DYING.

Music surprises us, brings us together and unleashes us to be who we want to be. PREACH IT. I can dig it. You know what else I can dig? The dig on TSwiz- #BOYPROBZ.

I love me some Macklemore, have for a while. But, I didn’t except this win. But, hey, thanks for the S/O #thankstotheFANZ

Is it just me or is Lorde classy- yet awkward? Not sure how I feel about this. She looks flawless. Sounds stellar. I just don’t dig the fidget

I may be going against the grain on this… but Hunter Hayes? Really? Meh. BUT, dope quotes on the screen. But really, Hunter Hayes? Come. On.

“Hi, Ticketmaster? Yes, I need tickets to the next Katy Perry show. Stat.” #SHOWMANSHIP

Foam fingers > instruments #nuffsaid

The performances are either a HIT or a freakin’ miss… there’s no in between. I feel the need to fast forward… bye, Felicia.. I mean Keith

Thanks for reminding me that the Super Bowl downgraded from Bey to Bruno… and that P!NK is f*ck!ng cool. One of my favorite performers I’ve seen live. Easily


I’m 21. In college. Eating ice cream. Lorde is 17. Winning a Grammy. Giving thanks to pop geniuses. WUT IS MY LYF3

I suddenly have the urge to go to London and watch Nowhere Boy on the plane ride there, after listening to Rocket 88 on repeat

If Jay doesn’t walk away with this for the Bey or JT collab, I’ll cry.

JAY Z IS SO CLASSY. Can he and Beyonce adopt me? Blue needs a big sis, amIrite?

I was about to say this collab is nifty… until I saw TSwiz “jamming” out in the front row. #awktaco but, hey, #IMAGINEKENDRICK #standingO

LOLOLOL TSwiz didn’t win. She looks more surprised right now than I have ever seen her at an awards show #ICantEven

Much respect for Carole King. But, her intro was cringe-worthy. Take that red hair and get out.

This is the tribute to Lou? That’s it? HE IS A LEGEND. Come on, Grammys. You can do better.

Record of the Year According To Casey: Radioactive | According to the Grammys: Daft Punk

Are my hopes up too high for this Macklemore performance? Cause, they’re high. Real high.

Madonna? A cane? This is weird. Yes, yes it is. I was really diggin’ this whole bit until that. Now I’m uncomfortable.

My DVR ended at 3:34. I don’t think everything was finished. Time to check Twitter and see what I missed out on. BRB.


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