so many apps, so little time

(originally posted 11/13 via tumblr)

So many songs, so little iPhone storage space. The struggle is real and you’re not the only one struggling!

I find myself constantly battling with myself on which songs to keep on my phone and which songs to take off. I try and think in advance, follow the boy scout’s motto and “always be prepared”, but sometimes it doesn’t work. How awful is it to forget to update your phone before a six-hour car drive back home and to realize that the majority of your music is either for studying or the gym. Trust me, neither of these massive playlists make for a dandy cruise home.

Perhaps an even worse tragedy, mentally preparing yourself for the jam a lifetime, to realize you haven’t downloaded that particular song you’re in the mood for.

How about hearing a song for the first time while you’re shopping at your favorite store and not knowing what it is?

The list of musical dilemmas goes on and on, but don’t worry, there’s an app for that. In fact, there’s an app for all of that!

It started out being the coolest thing in the world being able to store music on your phone, but now we have essentially every song we can imagine ready for our listening pleasure. Not only can we access every song, including some really cool remixes, but our phone can listen to a song and tell you the title and artist, and it can recommend songs based off other songs and artists you like.

Yup, your phone is that smart. But it’s not really your phone, it’s all of the apps that are available for an iPhone.

Shazam is great for when you hear a song and you want to know what the title is, or even who it’s by. Simply hold your phone out (preferably near the music source) and bam, it will read the song information for you. The best part about Shazam, it remembers all the songs you have asked it to recognize, so even if it’s a song that you know, but want to remember to download, Shazam it! You can even Shazam TV shows… but that’s a whole blog in itself, so I’ll save that for later.

Pandora is quite possibly the most used app on my iPhone. Yes, you can use Pandora on your computer, but how clutch is a personalized radio station on your phone? Yup, it’s pretty dang clutch. Pandora lets you type a keyword into the search and from there, it does most of the work. It comes up with a station for you, for instance, my station for working out is Applause. It’s full of upbeat dance-ish songs that keep me powering through my run. The only thing I do to better the station is click “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” depending if I like the song or not. It’s that easy to have an insane variety of music happening for hours on end.

My personal favorite app when it comes to music is Discovr. It’s brilliant. Think, but even better, and for your phone. I type in an artist I like to listen to, for example let’s say Lorde. From there it branches out with a bunch of similar sounding artists. I click one: The Naked and Famous (sounds cool, right?). Once I click that band, I can find even more artists. Apparently they sound similar to MGMT and Passion Pit. It can go on and on, creating a huge web of artists to look into. Or, I can share what I’m finding on Twitter, Facebook, text or email. I can save the music I like, I can follow other users who I think have a cool taste in music; I can even stream full songs or import full songs. This app does it all.

So, the music lover in me adores technology and the advances we keep making. In addition to these apps, there’s rdio, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube, the list seriously goes on for a long time. It’s all about your personal preference and what you’re using the app for. It really depends on how much time you want to invest in your music, or if you’re just wanting something to play in the background.

These apps make it incredibly easy to integrate different social sites, share music and discover new music. The apps, all in their own way, are a form of promotion for the artists because they expose the listeners to the music, and from there it becomes a word of mouth phenomenon.  In fact, many of today’s top industry players are getting their hands on apps like these because they see the benefit for the artists and the consumer, as well as the potential financial profit directly from the apps.


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