music gets social

(originally posted 11/13 via tumblr)

Gone are the days of payola and disc jockeys being the sole musical influence for the masses. Twitter and other social media outlets have taken this concept and pushed it to a whole other level.

Take Miley Cyrus for example. Would Cyrus sell as many albums, concert ticket or songs on iTunes if it wasn’t for the online universe consistently pushing her name and brand out to the masses? Cyrus has capitalized on social integration for her personal brand, as well as being a brand that others are continually talking about. During the Video Music Awards, Cyrus became the most tweeted about subject in the history of Twitter with over 306,000 tweets being sent out per minute. The VMAs are a chance for artists to be rewarded for their triumphs, as well as share their talent with the world… but Cyrus did more than that. Cyrus started a buzz that to this day, months later, hasn’t died.

Continuing to capitalize on her social success, Cyrus took to her Twitter feed to promote her Vevo video release of “Wrecking Ball” using the hashtag #WreckedTheRecord. Whether it was her continuous updates on social media, or simply an intriguing video, “Wrecking Ball” did just that, it blew the Vevo record out of the water with over 19 million views in the first 24 hours online. The previous record holders, One Direction, had only 10.7 million views in the first 24 hours.


Cyrus took another forward step with her social media and used it to slowly release her track list before her album was released.  By releasing her track list via Twitter, Cyrus was able to generate even more buzz about her upcoming release. Her timing of the track list was, of course, following the release and success of “Wrecking Ball”.


Cyrus isn’t the only one releasing album information via social media. Fellow social media all-star, Justin Bieber, has taken to Instagram and Twitter with Music Mondays to encourage Beliebers to keep their eyes open for his releases.


Bieber’s most recent release, “PYD”, dropped last Monday. Thousands of Beliebers took to Twitter to express their excitement for the track and how R.Kelly and Bieber “killed it”. Perhaps the incredible overload of PYD tweets and Instagram posts can be linked to Bieber’s followers. Bieber has over 47 million Twitter followers, the most any user has, and nearly 12 million Instagram followers.  Bieber and his team understand how important capitalizing on the social platforms can be and they use it to their advantage.


Social media can be a huge tool to use when you’re dealing with music. The artist gains a following and sends messages out, fans feel a part of the artist’s life reading tweets, then fans send messages to their followers about the artists. It’s an incredible cycle and proves that word of mouth is a huge influencer over the music and artists that are popular today. Not only are the messages reaching the masses, but they are doing it for free. Bieber and his Beliebers and Cyrus and Smilerz are only a fraction of the most talked about trends on social media.

Next time you send a tweet out about the latest Cyrus stunt, or “Like” the selfie of Bieber on Instagram, know that you are helping influence the popular music and topics for today and tomorrow.


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