buzz about buzzfeed

 (originally posted 12/13 via tumblr)

It used to be when I opened up my Facebook I felt like I was drowning in my “friends’” relationship drama, family drama, friend drama, but not so much anymore. Now when I go to Facebook, I might as well be on Google. My Newsfeed is flooded with articles from some of the “it websites” of today, including one of my favorites, BuzzFeed.

I’m the first to admit that the initial flood of links was easy for me to ignore. Slowly but surely I began to click the links and read these articles that all of my friends were raving about. That was my mistake. I didn’t stay strong and avoid the addicting websites; I became addicted myself. The good news, I’m not alone in my addiction. The better news, this is yet another form of free public relations in the ever-evolving entertainment industry.

What is it about BuzzFeed that keeps drawing people in day after day? It might be the hilarious Gifs attached to smart-ass captions. Perhaps it’s the articles that deal with real-life struggles and when you read them, you can’t help but think “HOW DO THEY KNOW MY LIFE?” It could even be the posts about the new movie or music video that you just have to watch.

No matter what type of post you read, they all have things in common. The biggest commonality: if you don’t read it, you somehow feel like you won’t be relevant. In a generation full of FOMO (fear of missing out) and wanting to be relevant, BuzzFeed is #WINNING.

The short writing style, topics of relevance and use of humor are all pros of the BuzzFeed stories. Every day a handful of new stories become available on the website, but the archives are still easily accessible. The variety of articles that show up on my Facebook Newsfeed speaks for how well BuzzFeed does with circulating different stories, even if they are “outdated”. BuzzFeed also does a stellar job with integrating their social media outlets to help drive to the website. Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook are all supplements to the BuzzFeed website. Each different area of the BuzzFeed site has a correlating Twitter page, too.

The BuzzFeed Muisc site is one of my personal favorites. I’m sure that you’ve heard the Xtina song… it’s heartbreaking. It brings tears to your eyes. Yes, that is stuff that I think, but BuzzFeed put it best in its quick article that perfectly complimented the YouTube video. In case you want to voice your opinion on the new tune, there are comment boxes at the article (and on every article, for that matter).
Perhaps Kanye is more your style and you’re not into the whole watch a YouTube video. Don’t worry, BuzzFeed did a story on the Yeezus Tour, complete with clever headers and Instagram photos. Maybe you don’t want to comment on the article, maybe Twitter is more your style. You’re not alone. A multitude of tweets have been circulating about the article and what people think, not only about the story, but also about Kanye.

BuzzFeed in itself is a way to get some free pr for different celebrities, movies, albums, etc. But the real draw to having BuzzFeed write about you is how quickly things can go viral. It doesn’t matter if it’s people tweeting about it or people posting links to Facebook, BuzzFeed is everywhere. If BuzzFeed is everywhere, that means its content is everywhere, which means the possibilities are endless for how you capitalize on BuzzFeed.

One thing’s for sure, if I’m releasing a new song or going on tour, I want to be the topic of BuzzFeed conversation.

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